1875 W Woolbright Rd, Boytnon Beach, FL 33426
Diogenes Construction, Consulting LLC


Extending across two parcels, Broad & Washington is a mixed-use, retail, and market-rate development in Philadelphia at the intersection of South Broad Street and Washington Avenue. The overall development is broken into into a series of “L” shaped towers that bisect the site into four quadrants, with each of the four quadrants having its own identity, characteristics, and courtyard space. Parcel A is bounded by South Broad Street and located at the end of the “Avenue of the Arts,” forming a connection with the “arts” uses that runs south to downtown. Parcel B is the smaller parcel just to the east, bounded by Washington Avenue. The overall Parcel B is smaller in featuring 300 residential units, two levels of parking, and a centralized, landscaped courtyard open to the sky above.