1875 W Woolbright Rd, Boytnon Beach, FL 33426

The Darien

From sky bridges to glass balconies to literally splitting a building in-half, The Darien is a new mixed-use development complex unlike any in Philadelphia.

Comprised of two mid-rise buildings along Poplar and North 8th Streets, the pair of plush properties features 212 residential units, 6,000 square feet of retail space, a 12,000-square-foot roof deck, and ground-floor parking.

The overall goal of the design was to take these two unique buildings and construct a connection between them, while also visually drawing people to The Darien’s contemporary aesthetic.

The buildings are angled to visually frame a view of the rail catenary and the smokestack of The Poplar beyond. To further frame these views, a soaring glass and steel sky bridge connecting the wings of the building was introduced. In massing, the 9th street building appears to be two distinct structures, but acts as one.